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October 26
Sean Anonymous, Low Forms, Dave Mehling, Scott Gusts, Limited Edtion Poster & tee by SkatRadioh & Photos Taken by K.Praslowicz
9PM / FREE / The Red Herring
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Commune is a movement of artists, designers, musicians, and people that take a stand against tobacco corporations and their presence in the scene.

We have rejected big corporations for a long time, like Big Music that hinders creative freedom and Big Fashion that runs sweatshops. Our stand against Big Tobacco is even more important, since the industry contributes to things like world hunger, deforestation, and neo conservative policies.

Even worse, the tobacco industry’s pervasive marketing in the art and music scene has manufactured an image that people like us smoke. So now young people that look up to us believe that smoking is more important than creativity, music and self-expression to fit in. We’re out to change this distorted image of the scene.

Commune supports the local and thriving talent in San Diego and San Francisco and every month teams up with a local band, DJ, designer and artist at Commune Wednesdays. By celebrating local and educating people about the things Big Tobacco does or contributes to that they may not otherwise support, we hope to shift the creative scene image from one that smokes to one that focuses more on creativity, music and art.

Thanks to all of the bands, DJs, artists, designers, and boutiques that have made Commune Wednesdays a success. If you would like to be part of Commune Wednesdays and take a stand against Big Tobacco, contact Jenny at

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The Facts

We’re not going to lecture anyone about black lungs, smoker’s coughs, or diseases that you can’t pronounce and we can’t spell. Everyone has already heard all that.

We’re not going to berate smokers, and we are not at all against smokers. We’re the Commune, we love you no matter what. We just want to present the facts, cause the tobacco industry harms more than just the person who lights up at a bar. Big tobacco’s practices harm the environment, contribute to corruption and, worst of all, target our scene. You may not realize it, but big tobacco spends a healthy chunk of change attempting to create a scene where people have to smoke to fit in. No joke.

Our goal is simple; we believe the money we spend on tobacco supports horrible things that we otherwise would never support. And that the industry’s presence in our scene makes young people think they need to start smoking to fit in. For these reasons, we believe the scene would be better smokefree and ask you to help us. Join the Commune and support a smokefree scene.

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    Quit Groups


    It’s no secret that Commune is against Big Tobacco, and although we aren’t anti-smoker we’re certainly not opposed to the idea of helping people quit smoking if they want to.

    Quitting smoking means less money in Big Tobacco’s corrupt pockets and it’s one of the healthiest things you can do. But we also understand that quitting is not easy, typically it’s not that fun either, so Commune decided to create a fun, safe and unconventional way for people, who are interested, to quit.

    15 Locals meet up for 10 weeks in hopes to decrease their smoking rates and eventually quit.  Smoking rates are measured using a smokerlyzer, a device that measures the carbon monoxide levels in their lungs. Each week when a participant decreases their smoking rate they will receive a cash incentive.  At certain intervals, smoking is also measured using a saliva test strip. A local smoking counselor is also available at some weekly meetings to answer any questions the participants have.

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